What is Re:Nourish?

Re:Nourish is the world's first fresh soups in a microwaveable fully recyclable bottle. Our founder Nicci is an ex critical care nurse, qualified Reflexologist and Nutritionist. Health is at the very forefront of Re:Nourish and our mission. Health doesn't have to be boring and all our soups are delicious. You can have them on the go, sitting down, at your desk, in the car and they are also safe for children as no nasties. You can also have them hot or cold. The soups also stay warm for 30 minutes when you microwave them meaning a perfect grab and go lunch.

Are Re:Nourish soups vegan?

Yes all our soups are vegan. They are also Gluten Free, Dairy free, Allergen Free, No added sugar, no preservatives, no additives and full of vitamins and minerals

Can you freeze Re:Nourish soups?

Yes you can freeze Re:Nourish soups for up to 3 months. Make sure you defrost them thoroughly before heating and eating

Are your bottles recyclable and safe in the microwave?

Yes our bottles are fully recyclable including the cap, label and bottle. They are also BPA Free so safe to microwave. You can either pop them in the bin to be recycled or upcycle them and reuse them. We are also carbon neutral. Our small carbon footprint we offset with a clean drinking water initiative in India and helping recycle ocean plastic in the Philippines. Our soups are not only good for you but good for the planet.

Where can I buy Re:Nourish?

Click on the store locator and tap in your postcode to find your nearest stockist of our fab Re:Nourish soups.