Ready To Quit Your New Year's Resolutions?

Hey Souperstar, think you're ready to quit yet? Think again! 

The good news is you are not alone, many of us have made new year's resolution that include eating better, exercising more often or even saving up. But as January draws to a close, many of us tend to drop our plans and go back to our old habits. Just like prior years, right?! 

But, if you haven't quit yet, first of all well done for making it this far, and second of all, we are just about to give you our top tips to help you stick to your resolutions and get over the January blues! 

Write It Down! 📝

We are big fans of lists and plans, here at Re:Nourish HQ and there is a good reason for that! Failing to plan is planning to fail, right? So grab a pen and paper and write down your resolutions, breaking it down into a list of priorities. This will help you visualise your new commitments and understand how important they are to you. Make a new routine plan that is realistic and achievable. 

Start Small 🤏

We've all felt very motivated at the start of the month, aiming high and creating resolutions that are often a bit too ambitious. And while ambition is great, it is important to take a step back and understand your limitations. Start small, build on your energy levels and listen to your body and mind. Consistency and endurance are key here, so forget the race and take it slow. 

Find A Gym Buddy! 👥

Get help when you need it, and provide it when it's needed. Sharing your resolutions with your friends or work colleagues will make you more accountable for it, they will also be able to motivate you when you are not feeling up for it and vice versa. Talking about it makes it real and achievable.

So Souperstars, this is your chance to make 2022 the year of change! And if you need a little pick me up, check out our range of healthy and delicious soups that will boost your energy levels and provide your body with the natural vitamins and minerals it needs. No additives and no artificial ingredients, simply fresh vegetables brimming with health! 

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