We believe it is essential to have a holistic approach to wellbeing! That's why every two weeks we'll be speaking to a different guest in order to break down barriers on topics that may be considered taboo. 

This week we're speaking to Kate Moyes who is a  Psychosexual Therapist and EFS & ESSM Certified Psycho-Sexologist. She discusses the fact that difficulties in our sexual and intimate lives and relationships are much more common than we think, and this is simply because we don’t know how to talk about them when they happen. As a society we don’t know how, or learn how to talk openly about sex, which is why it's so important to delve more deeply into this and discuss it openly!

Kate's Top Three Tips:

-Don't suffer in silence. Not knowing how to talk about sex is much more common than it being a comfortable topic but this can have a detrimental impact on our sex lives, sexual wellbeing, relationship and mental health. Start the conversation at a time when you aren't having, just had or are about to have sex. Introduce the idea to your partner and you can always use something like an article / podcast episode as a prompt for starting it. Many of us don't know where to start and this can mean that we completely avoid the topic all together. 

-Start with a positive. If you want to talk to your partner about sex then start the conversation with a positive and something affirming. Too often the assumption when the topic comes up we assume that it has to mean that there is a problem, when in fact just trying something can be about curiosity and fun and can open up your perspectives. Framing the conversation in a way that doesn't make your partner feel immediately defensive is likely to bring about a more open conversation.

-Expect that sex changes. One of the most common assumptions about sex is that it should stay the same throughout our lives, but quite simply nothing else does so why would sex? Our sex lives go through different phases and stages and acknowledging that is really important for us being able to navigate changes when they happen, and to being able to talk about them.


If you would like any more detail on anything or if you have any questions, you can find the full chat with Nicci and Kate on our Instagram.