To our not so soup-er industry peers,


We hate to be the ones to break it to you but your soup, well it isn't great.


Enough is enough, it's time to lift the lid on your failings.


Where do we start? Your ingredients, your packaging, your lack of conscience.

Soup that can sit on a shelf for years… fresh? No. Filled with nasties? Yes. Sounds delicious...


Your sustainability pledge is nonexistent, your health credentials questionable. Big marketing budgets and little thought for your impact.


Your ignorance once inspired us - to do better and be better. And here we are, carbon net zero, badass goodness in the world’s first fully microwaveable and recyclable bottle. Low in salt and no added sugar. We can do it, why can’t you? Try harder.


We’re calling on greater transparency in the industry. Show your cards and clean up your act.


Come back to us when you’ve got nothing to hide.


Nicci Clark

CEO, Re:Nourish