Is It Allergies Season Yet? 🤧

Spring has finally sprung 🙌 and while we couldn't be happier for the sun to make its long awaited comeback, for many of us, spring also means the return of the dreaded allergies! 

The good news is there are natural ways you can do to help soothe your allergies and make spring more enjoyable. Here are our top 3 favourites tips. 

Detox 🌱

Allergies are worsened by toxins in your body. Try to detox your body and stay away from sugars, fried foods and refined carbs. Stock up on leafy greens, seasonal fruits and of course Re:Nourish soups, which are free from nasties, toxins and preservatives. Just pure goodness in a bottle. 💚

Spring Clean 🧼

Probably the least exciting tip, but cleaning the house regularly helps you get rid of allergies triggers and dust particles that may worsen your symptoms. Remember to change your bed sheets and pillow cases on a weekly basis too! 

Manage Your Stress Levels 🧘🏽‍♀️

Stress hormones can weaken the body and attack your immune system, making you more vulnerable to allergies. Consider managing your stress levels and take up meditation, yoga or breathing exercises. Don't forget to take your daily +CALM Re:Nourish supplements which are packed full of natural vitamins, minerals and botanicals to support you during these tough days and help you keep your calm.