How To Beat Blue Monday In 3 Easy Steps 🙌

It's no surprise we all feel a bit down and melancholic in January. The cold, the back to work and certainly the dullness that comes after Christmas can all be contributing factors to how we are all currently feeling. 😞

And while Blue Monday aka the most depressing day of the year can have various effects on one's mental wellbeing. it is important to try and avoid that melancholy feeling. So here are our top tips to help you beat the blues! 

Wear some colours👚

Whether that's your favourite floral shirt, your polka dot tie or your neon dress, bright colours can impact your brain positively and enhance your mood. In fact, warm colours such as red, pink and orange will create a feeling of warmth and comfort, fighting away those feelings of sadness and anxiety.

Take a trip to the florist 💐

Step away from your screen and take a walk to your nearest florist. Flowers and plants generally will have an instant effect on your happiness. In fact, studies have shown that we tend to feel less depressed, anxious and agitated after receiving flowers. So why not treat yourself to a nice bright bouquet and perhaps send one to a friend of yours! 🪴

Reach for that 80% Dark 🍫

Good mood foods are a great way to instantly boost your mood and satisfy your cravings. Ranging from Cacao to Chilli 🌶 there are various foods that will instantly boost your mood and make you feel happier. 

In fact, one of our favourite Souperstar ingredients at the moment is Maca. A rich source of flavonoids, which are thought to improve the mood and reduce anxiety. And what better way to consume Maca but in one of our delicious soups! 

Our newest +STRENGTH soup is exactly what you need to beat the January blues. Not only does it contain Maca, it also has one of our top feel good food: The mighty 🌶