3 Tips To Help You Stay Healthy When Returning To The Office

As most businesses in the UK have re-opened their offices asking employees to return to the workplace, it can be a bit daunting having to change your daily routine (again!) and having to adapt to the the new normality. 

And while working from home wasn't for everyone, it definitely did help with our health and fitness, allowing for more time to exercise and meal plan. So how to keep those healthy habits we picked up in lockdown while returning to the office? 

Schedule Your Workouts 🏋🏽

Going back to the workplace definitely means less free time due to your daily commute. But don't loose your momentum. Whether you are looking to hit the gym again or continuing with your at home workouts, make sure to schedule those sessions in your calendar ahead of time. Don't forget to utilise your work-at-home days and make the most out of those when it comes to working out. 

Start Your Day Right 🥣

If you got in the habit of having a nutritious healthy breakfast in the mornings while working from home, it is important to keep that habit going. It is very easy to revert back to skipping breakfast while rushing through the door to catch that train in the mornings, that is why make sure you prepare your breakfast the night before and pack it ready to grab in the morning. 

Eat Well On The Go 💚

And lastly, for those days when you haven't meal prepped, be mindful of your lunch choices. Don't be tempted by junk food, instead look out for the healthy on-the-go food options and give your body the vitamins it needs to power you through your work day. That is why, our Re:Nourish soups are widely available in all major supermarkets in the UK, providing you with a healthy and heartwarming lunch option.

Whether you are having a stressful day at work or you woke up quite lethargic, grab one of our vegan 🌱+CALM, +FUEL, +IMMUNITY or +ENERGY soups (to name a few) in a shop near you or stock up for the week ahead by shopping online at renourish.co.uk