3 Easy Swaps For A More Sustainable Life ♻️

Living a more sustainable life doesn't necessarily require drastic changes, it can all start with small actions and swaps to your daily routines. 

And we get it, in the grand scheme of things these may seem very minor, however if we all make small changes in our daily lives and make better choices than the sum of us will be impactful towards a greener planet. 

So how and where can you start today? Here are our top 3 easy swaps we can all do right now beyond the reusable shopping bags and coffee cups!

Introduce A Tea Strainer In Your Kitchen ☕️

We all love a cup of tea but you may not want to drink another of those after what you're about to read. Paper tea bags are full of toxins, pesticides and dioxins which can cause a lowered immune system and lead to cancer. And to add to that, many tea bags are actually non biodegradable, making them a really poor choice if you are wanting to live a more sustainable life. So, get yourself a tea strainer and save your health and our planet some irreversible damage. 

Ditch The Chemical Cleaning Products 🚫

Not only these products often come in non-recyclable containers, but they also, are packed full of toxins and persticides harmful to our health and skin. So ditch the shop bought cleaning sprays and liquids and use a homemade solution by simply mixing vinegar, baking soda and lemon. You can also add a couple of essential oil drops for that extra scent! 


Read The Ingredients & Packaging Labels 📝

Of course, we wouldn't miss a chance to remind you that our soups are not only 100% plant based and contain no nasties, they also come in a 100% recyclable and carbon neutral bottle. Unlike other brands, we only use PP plastic that is widely and easily recyclable. It also means no chemicals are let out into the soup when heating it and no toxins are entering your body. This is why it is important you read the labels and know your brands before you buy!

So if you haven't yet, now is the time to swap your daily soup to a Re:Nourish soup and do your part for a healthier life and greener planet. 💚